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The Alpine charm and the Mediterranean atmosphere create striking contrasts that characterize the local artistic and cultural scene. There are numerous museums, fortresses, castles to discover as well as historic houses in the traditional architectural style of the Oltradige. To complete the cultural offerings there are important gatherings, theatrical performances and concerts.

Highlights in the area


Castel Appiano
Castel Appiano

Atmospheric medieval castle with archery route. The castle chapel is also known as the "Sistine Chapel of the Alps". Guided tours: from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Oltradige style
Oltradige style

The "architectural style of Oltradige" was developed between 1550 and 1650, years of extraordinary construction activity and great economic wealth. Even today, the residences of Appiano bear witness to this.


The centre of the capital city is a cultural treasure, which invite to explore by walking through the historic streets and under the charming porticoes.


Tall palm trees, colourful gardens and fragrant flower beds adorn the city where once the spa guests used to stroll along the river Passirio.

Museums, castles, & fortresses
Museums, castles, & fortresses

Numerous museums, castles, fortresses and historic residences invite you to take a trip through time. Important cultural treasures are just waiting to be discovered.


In the area of Appiano are numerous well camouflaged bunkers, belonging to the famous alpine ridge. Today they are mainly used to store wine.

Day trips

The most beautiful destinations

It does not matter if you decide to head north or south: what awaits you is equally wonderful!

  • Lake Garda (1.5 h by car)

       The largest lake in Italy

  • Verona (1.5 h by car)

       The city of lovers

  • Venice (3.5 hours by car)

       The romantic city on the lagoon

  • Innsbruck (2 h drive)

       The capital of the Alps


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